1. Cereal

Why it Spikes so High: Even the brands advertised as “healthy” like Cheerios or Special K spike blood sugar in ways few other foods can. There is a reason cereal is our arch nemesis. In this case “whole grain”—cereals are processed foods and just as bad as their other counterparts.

How to Lower the Spike: StayLo works here as well but as we said before cereal is our nemesis and we wouldn’t suggest it to anyone even with StayLo (in our testing it spiked almost as high as a glucola test (75g of sugar) so when you have the option, we suggest to opt out. That said cereals like Magic Spoon which swap ingredients to lower the GI spike are good choices.

2. Pho & Ramen

Why it Spikes so High: These may be different items but the high carb, long cooked starchy noodles will push your glucose up more than a little. This isn’t forgetting that many of the sauces that are mixed in to punctuate the flavor are also punctuated with sugar.

How to Lower the Spike: StayLo is great for noodles and the sugar in the sauces so no need to try to bend over backwards to create a low carb/low sugar pho/ramen. If you want to look for low carb shirataki noodles or lightly boil your noodles since the longer you cook them the more you unlock the starches and increase the glycemic index of the noodles.

3. Grapes

Why it Spikes so High: Fruits contain fructose a form of sugar that can produce sharper spikes in blood sugar than other sugars. Grapes although they have a low glycemic index the 15g–20g of sugar per cup can raise glucose levels sharply.

How to Lower the Spike: Sadly, StayLo doesn’t work on fructose so the suggestion would be to eat fewer grapes at a sitting and mix them with some protein or fat like sugar free yogurt. Better yet replace them with berries like raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries which perform much better.

4. Oatmeal

Why it Spikes so High: Often labeled the healthy breakfast solution, oatmeal is a known glucose spiker and many commercial prepackaged “instant” or rolled varieties spike even higher due to added fruit flavors, sweeteners and other carbs.

How to Lower the Spike: If you love that oatmeal feel in the morning try a Low Carb version like this one.


5. Donuts

Why it Spikes so High: Donuts are a blood-sugar double-punch of sugar and carb. The dough brings the left punch of refined white flour which spikes all by itself. Then it hits you with the right punch of a thick sugar glaze which will on a glycemic level finish you off.

How to Lower the Spike: Again StayLo can work wonders here. Donuts should not be a daily food item but when you do have them StayLo can cut 40% and possibly more depending on the donut. With StayLo you can have a donut with taste without the full impact to your blood sugar.

6. Acai Bowl

Why it Spikes so High: Acai berries may be low sugar and packed with antioxidants but commercial bowls have a habit of adding sugars or sweet fruits to balance out the bitter taste of acai.

How to Lower the Spike: This is a hard one, StayLo doesn’t counteract the effect of the fructose in the fruit but making your own bowl at home and selecting low carb and low sugar solutions can make this a viable option.

7. Pizza

Why it Spikes so High: Pizza crust is a processed flour that, surprise has sugar added. The tomato sauce, the pepperoni and sausage all have carbs and sugars added.

How to Lower the Spike: StayLo works again with this one. Pizza can be reduced by up to 40% but if you want to reduce the glycemic index before StayLo blocks it, Cauliflower and other vegetable pizza crusts are getting more readily found. For toppings keep to fresh vegetables and pure protein meats like bacon and hamburger.

8. Pancakes

Why it Spikes so High: Pancake batter is like a unfried donut, you have all the refined flour and sugar in a flat shape. Pouring on the maple syrup or powdered sugar only amps that more so.

How to Lower the Spike: StayLo can help here as well, the carbs in the flour as well as the sugars in the syrup can vbe reduced each and every time. Other then that you can find increasingly delicious pancake mixes that are grain- and sugar-free. Ones made of coconut flour, pecan flour, walnut flour, and tiger nut flour can be good choices.

9. Sushi

Why it Spikes so High: Sushi white rice high in starch and refined, along with that Soy sauce also has added sugar most of the time.

How to Lower the Spike: StayLo is great for Sushi, no more keto sashimi with no rice which isn’t really sushi at that point.

2. Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s

Why it Spikes so High: These fast food locations and others sell highly processed food that is calorically dense, starch and sugar dense and in many cased fried with this carb crusted exteriors. A Chick-fil-A sandwich has sugar listed as an ingredient no less than three time and five times for flour!

How to Lower the SpikeStayLo excels here. It is still best to limit the sodium, carb & sugar feast but if you can’t StayLo can cut up to 40% of the starches and sugars and eliminating the unwanted spikes.