100% Money Back Guarantee

You will be amazed at StayLo’s carb-crushing, sugar-smashing and blood sugar balancing power or you can return it within sixty (60) days for a full refund.

With StayLo as directed, you will….

  • See your numbers get better and stay better if you measure your blood sugar…
  • Have more energy and avoid afternoon sugar crashes…
  • Feel fuller between meals…
  • Experience improved metabolism.

StayLo will work for you as long as you take it. If you are not happy with your StayLo for any reason, you get your money back.*

Just remember, you CANNOT fix years of carb overload instantly.

StayLo absolutely will work with the very first meal, but it takes time to fix years of carb overload. Deeper benefits can come 3 months… 6 months… even more 12 months out.*

Enjoy the change!