Here are answers to the questions our customers often ask


Does StayLo require daily use to be effective? Or can it be used only when I know I am going to have a carb-heavy meal?

When carb (starch and sugar) levels in a meal are high, there is more for StayLo to block, preventing a major blood sugar spike. Even a few slices of bread can boost blood sugar levels, so taking StayLo consistently over time will yield the greatest benefit to metabolic health for most people. We recommend taking StayLo twice a day – one capsule about 10 minutes before your two biggest meals of the day.

Can I take StayLo along with other medication?

Our company cannot offer medical advice.  If you are taking medication you should direct your healthcare provider to the Healthcare Professional page on this website and follow your healthcare provider’s guidance.  You may also print the Healthcare Professional page and take it on your next visit to your provider.

Does StayLo have any side effects?

In clinical trials, the ingredients in StayLo had no side effects that exceeded the placebo group.  In addition, white mulberry leaf has a long history of safe use as both a food and a medicinal herb.  If you have concerns about side effects, you should direct your healthcare provider to the Healthcare Professional page on this website and follow your provider’s guidance.  You may also print the Healthcare Professional page and take it on your next visit to your provider.

Is StayLo an herbal extract?

Yes, the nutritionally active ingredient in StayLo is an herbal extract. StayLo cuts carb and sugar impact with a friendly blend of mulberry micro-nutrients. The nutrients are refined and concentrated by a patented water-extraction process using no synthetic chemicals;  StayLo is designed to be clean and powerful to deliver maximum effectiveness.

What makes StayLo so powerful?

StayLo is water extracted from mulberry using a patented process. During this process the natural plant nutrients are concentrated so that they block carbs and sugar more potently than other mulberry or herbal supplements.

Will I feel anything when I take StayLo?

StayLo helps with appetite control between meals by reducing and slowing down the digestion of carbs, similar to the way a low Glycemic Index diet does.  Also, you may feel more energetic between meals because you won’t have after-meal sugar crashes.

How often should StayLo be taken?

To cut carbs and sugar with StayLo, you simply take one capsule 10 minutes before each of your 2 largest meals of the day. It is important to take StayLo just before a meal so that it is ready to begin working when the carbohydrates & sugars from the meal get to the digestive system. If you take StayLo after the carbohydrates have been consumed, the effect will be reduced. Another option is to open the capsule and mix the contents with the food directly. Remember, take StayLo at least 10 minutes before a meal or open the contents of the pill and mix directly into the food.

For example, if your largest two meals of the day are breakfast and dinner, you should take one capsule right before sitting down to eat breakfast and another before sitting down for dinner.

How and why does StayLo work?

The way that StayLo works is very clear to scientists & chemists.  StayLo partially blocks a-amalyse and  alpha-glucosidase enzymes in the upper digestive system.  This reduces the break-down of complex carbohydrates such as starch and sucrose (common table sugar) by up to 40%.  This carb blockade is temporary and is released by the enzymes about one hour after a meal.

Is StayLo suitable for women and men?

Yes indeed.  The digestive biochemistry works the same. StayLo benefits men and women equally.

What makes StayLo different from other carb-resisting supplements?

The most common anti-carb supplement is kidney bean extract, which works by partially blocking one type of digestive enzyme.  StayLo blocks more varieties of enzymes, far surpassing other carb-resisting supplements. For example, kidney been extract will inhibit the digestion of starch but not sugar, while StayLo partially blocks both.

Does StayLo contain gluten, dairy, nuts or animal products?

No!  All of these are carefully excluded from StayLo.

Is StayLo vegetarian/vegan friendly?

Yes!  The main ingredient is a mulberry plant extract and the capsules are vegan.

What happens to the carbs that are blocked by StayLo?

StayLo turns fast digesting carbs and sugars into slow digesting foods, so that the tasty foods we love become like lower Glycemic Index foods.  It’s like turning white bread into whole grain bread for example.  Any undigested carbs and sugars go through to the microbiome, similar to a prebiotic.

How do I know StayLo will work for me?

StayLo has been tested by healthy people in five clinical studies and demonstrated to block up to 40% of carb & sugar digestion.  The science behind StayLo is strong.

Staylo is helping people every day, providing the benefits of lower carbs, without the difficult diets.  It is a demonstrated solution with deep science behind it.


How should I take my StayLo?

StayLo should be taken as indicated on the StayLo bottle label, or as directed by your health care professional.

I am over 65 will StayLo work for me?

StayLo works for adults of any age.  It is never too late to start supporting healthy blood sugar.and metabolism.

What is the best way to store StayLo?

It’s best to keep your StayLo in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, with a tightly secured lid (to avoid exposure to moisture and sunlight). Make sure though, that you keep it easily reachable so that you take StayLo twice daily with your meals.

When do my products expire?

You can find the “best by” date of your StayLo printed on the bottom of the bottle.

Can my pet use StayLo?

We cannot recommend StayLo for pets at this time because it has not been specifically tested for pet applications.

Is StayLo safe to use?

White mulberry leaf has a long history of safe use as both a food and a medicinal herb.  StayLo contains a concentrated version of this traditional mulberry remedy.  The supplement’s concentrated mulberry ingredient has been toxicologically tested and is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) in the United States for use in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements, based on scientific procedures and corroborated by a history of safe use.  


When will my StayLo ship?

StayLo ships within a few business days from the time your payment clears. Delivery times are based on distance from distribution center and speed of carrier but typically 4-7 business days.

Does StayLo ship outside the United States?

Not currently, but if you live outside the US and are interested in StayLo, send us a note via social media. We would gladly broaden our shipping geography if there is enough consumer interest.


How do I return my StayLo

Customers may return any unopened StayLo merchandise purchased within 60 days of order date for a full refund.

To start your return process please fill out this form on the return policy page and mail the StayLo to the address at the bottom of the return policy page . You will receive email instructions on how to proceed with your return. Once your return has been received at our processing facility and is verified your refund will be processed. Please follow those instructions for an expediated process.