Plant-based and clinically tested. Support a healthy lifestyle without the difficult diets*.

Blood sugar levels with and without StayLo tested by subjects using a glucose monitor. Results will vary.

StayLo lowers Wonderbread by up to 60%
StayLo lowers Ben & Jerry's by up to 55%

What is StayLo and what does it do?

StayLo is a unique nutritional supplement that blocks up to 40% of the impact of carbs and sucrose* (common table sugar) in food.  Taking one capsule of StayLo before meals is a practical way to reduce the effect of carbs and sugar without the difficult diets.

Many tasty foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta, pizza, cereal and desserts contain high amounts of carbs and sugar.  It is almost impossible to eliminate these delicious foods from the daily diet without going hungry or feeling like you’re missing out.

That’s why so many people are turning to StayLo.  StayLo is taken with meals to lower the effect of the carbs in food, so you can improve your diet without changing the foods you eat.

StayLo is game-changing  for people who want the benefits of lower carb impact while continuing to enjoy the foods they love in moderation.

How StayLo Works

StayLo blocks up to 40% or more of the alpha-amylase & alpha-glucosidase digestive enzymes that break down complex carbohydrates and sugar which is in many of the meals we eat these days. 

This carb blockade is temporary and goes away about an hour after a meal. StayLo reduces the post meal glycemic spike by up to 40%. This often helps in appetite control, giving a fuller feeling longer. As well as higher energy levels between meals due to avoiding sugar crashes.


When & How Often

StayLo is made with a veggie quick dissolve capsule and starts working minutes after you take it so there is no long advance planning before you take it.

Just take one capsule 10 minutes before each of your two largest meals every day to enjoy the effects of immediate reduction in daily carb & sugar impact.

What is StayLo Made Of

StayLo’s nutritionally active ingredient is a mulberry leaf concentrate that is water extracted.

Utilizing a patented water extraction process delivers the highest amount of the mulberry blend that blocks dietary carbs and sugars. 

The main ingredient in StayLo is clinically backed and concentrated, for maximum impact with every meal.

Fast Food



Potato Chips

Candy Bars

Rice & Sushi

& Even More

With StayLo™ blocking up to 40% of your carb & sugar spikes you can reach your goals without trying to follow unsustainable diets and menus. Each bottle is 60 fast dissolving veggie capsules that go to work on the very first meal.*

Slash the Impact of
Sugar & Carbs
in Your Diet

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This website does not provide medical advice. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

StayLo Low Glucose Low Insulin Ingredients

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  1. Mary

    Thank you so much for making this, my blood sugar has never been better after a month and I can feel the lack of weird stomach bloating and energy crashes. My dr is going to love this

  2. Patrick Sullivan

    Seems no side effects?

    • StayLo Life

      In clinical trials, StayLo had no side effects that exceeded those of the placebo group. If you have concerns about side effects, you should consult your physician.

    • Dawn

      So I take 4 shots a day. Can I still try the Staylo or should I ask my doctor first?

      • StayLo Life

        Great question, our company cannot offer medical advice. If you are taking medication you should direct your healthcare provider to the Healthcare Professional page on this website and follow your healthcare provider’s guidance. You may also print the Healthcare Professional page and take it on your next visit to your provider.

  3. Dave

    Does this require daily use to be effective? Or can it be used only when I know I am going to have a carb-heavy meal?

    • StayLo Life

      When carb (starch and sugar) levels in a meal are high, there is more for StayLo to block, preventing a major blood sugar spike. Even a few slices of bread can boost blood sugar levels, so taking StayLo consistently over time will yield the greatest benefit to metabolic health for most people. We recommend taking StayLo twice a day – one capsule at least 10 minutes before your two biggest meals of the day.

  4. Brenda G Ewing

    do you offer a sample

  5. Roz Morgan

    yes samples or smaller bottles if they dont work thanks

  6. Sheila Eydel

    I love wine. Does it work on the sugar in alcohol?

    • StayLo Life

      It can work with the sucrose that is added to many alcohols and mixed drinks but the small amount of fructose in wine StayLo doesn’t work on.

      • jeanniene

        can I buy in larger quantities than 1 without a subscription? Thanks-

        • StayLo Life

          Yes you can buy as many as you want by adjusting the quantity option in the checkout. Also the subscription can be canceled at any time before the next shipment.

  7. D.

    How big are the capsules? The last type I ordered for this purpose came as very large capsules that I could not swallow at all.

    • StayLo Life

      As of writting this the size is 00 capsules which are 23.4mm.


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