The Glycemic index ranges from 0 to just over 100 and foods fall all over it, some are low but it doesn’t mean you should only eat them, others are high and it doesn’t mean you should never eat them and then there are the ultra high that you really might want to avoid especially if you don’t use a sugar and carb blocker.

Lets get started with the Rogues’ gallery.

Cornflakes Breakfast Cereal

The first is the worst (the Joker of high GI), easiest to avoid and coming in at a GI (Glycemic Index) of 132 and a GL (Glycemic Load) of 33 in only a 30g servings. Cereal on a whole can spike blood sugar in ways your worst nightmares haven’t even thought of. If you ever get a CGM (constant glucose monitor) test cereal you will be shocked at how high those numbers can get.

Maize Meal Porridge/Gruel

Well you can take solace that you have an excuse not to eat gruel anymore, with a GI of 109, a GL of 41 at only 50g it is an easy avoidance. If only Oliver Twist had the option.


Everyday full sugar Gatorade has the judges scoring it at 100 GI, 51 GL at a serving of 250g which is just one cup or about a 1/3 of a bottle. Gatorade is meant for quick energy replenishment under physical stress, drinking it casually is never suggested.

Middle Eastern Flatbread

These are addictive, rip, dip and repeat but they also come in at 97 GI, 15 GL at 30g and you can eat well past 30g fast. Try not to ever eat this alone without other fats and proteins.

Sava Potato

All potatoes are high but some are higher than others and then there is the Sava Potato. Sava which is extremely rare to trip across in stores (so there is an upside) comes in at GI 118, GL 33 with only a 30g  serving. There are lots of better potatoes.


Now we are getting to food that hurts to think about having to cut, pancakes, hot, fluffy pancakes. Clocking in at 102 GI & 23 GL in only 80g pancakes are really just a dessert sneaking into your breakfast. If you must eat them add fat with butter, limit the syrup and take a sugar blocker that can reduce the GI by 40% or more?

Rice Cakes

The stereotypical go to item for weight loss and low calorie diets isn’t really your best friend, the low flavor, low calorie circle is high in GI at 91 with a GL of 19 at only 25g. Losing weight is really hard when your blood sugar spikes and you have to flood your body with insulin daily to bring it down.

White Rice

Just as with potatoes, rice has multiple types and some are worse than others but your everyday white rice is the worst. At GI 112 & GL 47 with only 150g cooked it is better than a Sava potato but not by much. There might be a market for low GI sushi if someone wants to start one?