Block Up To 40% of Your Sugar & Carbs Each Meal With One Pill

Blocks Carbs & Sugars

Clinically Tested 1-DNJ

What is StayLo

StayLo is the latest science of molecule extraction and concentration mixed with the oldest time tested herbal solutions. Our natural water based extract isolates the
1-deoxynojirimycin (1-DNJ)  in the mulberry leaf that blocks carb & sugars and condenses it 50x so that you get the power of the entire tree in one pill. StayLo is an iminosugar that doesn’t enter the bloodstream so it works meal after meal with no side effects.

What can blocking carbs & sugars do for me?

StayLo enables the body to reduce daily ongoing after meal blood sugar spikes by 40% on average. This helps you reach your nutritional goals feaster and easier than ever thought. It also lowers over time the weight gaining hormones and sugars in the muscles and liver. If combined with healthy meals and activity StayLo can maintain a healthy body.

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Read more about the science & clinical studies behind StayLo.

StayLo’s concentrated mulberry ingredient has been tested in multiple human clinical studies. Study results have consistently confirmed its efficacy.   As noted, approximately 40% mean reduction in postprandial glucose and plasma insulin has been confirmed across clinical trials, although results vary among individuals.

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“StayLo really works well, but only when taken as directed I’ve learned to take it about 10 minutes before a carb-heavy meal… I absolutely love the product.” -Don Seibert

“Got mine about 3 moths ago and it works great for me, my blood sugar is going down to normal and lost 20 pounds so far. I’m glad that this stuff really works not like other pills.” -Jose Yglesias

“Being originally skeptical about StayLo, based on the website’s claims, I am now pleasantly and continually surprised with my results after 2+ months of continued use. What originally started as a supplement to help me get my 2020 lockdown eating habits back on track in 2021, it is now my go-to aid for feeling better after eating.” – Andi J

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