Plant-based and clinically tested. Forget the unsustainable diets!

StayLo will cut the impact of carbs and sugar in the food you eat every day.

What is StayLo and what does it do?

StayLo is a unique nutritional supplement that blocks up to 40% of the impact of carbs and sucrose (common table sugar) in food.  Taking one capsule of StayLo before meals is a practical way to reduce the effects of carbs and sugar without the difficult diets.

Of course everyone should exercise and eat lower carb foods when they can, but everyday foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta, pizza, cereal and many others contain high amounts of carbs and sugar. It is almost impossible to eliminate these delicious foods from the daily diet without going hungry or feeling like you’re missing out.

That’s why so many people are eating better with StayLo. 

StayLo is game-changing  for healthy people who want the benefits of lower carb and sugar impact while continuing to enjoy the foods they love.*

The One-Capsule Diet

Carbs & Blood Sugar

Dietary carbs and sugar cause blood sugar (glucose) levels to rise and fall after a meal.  StayLo moderates these highs and lows, keeping them in a healthy range.

By tracking blood sugar levels, you can measure how well StayLo works at blocking the impact of dietary carbs and sugar.

Contains 50x Concentrated Natural Mulberry

Our natural mulberry ingredients are backed by real science and clinical studies.

StayLo’s proprietary technology is used to extract and concentrate mulberry’s carb-blocking micro-nutrients.  Our process produces a mulberry formula that is 50 times stronger than unprocessed mulberry leaves, so one little capsule is hyper-effective against carbs and sugar.

How StayLo Works

StayLo contains powerful carb-disposal ingredients such as 1-deoxynojirimycin that look like glucose to the body. This temporarily reduces the absorption of carb & sugar in the body after a meal. 

StayLo works immediately with the very first meal.

Simply take one capsule 10 minutes before each of your two largest meals every day to enjoy immediate reduction in carb & sugar impact from your meals.

Yes! I’m ready to:

Improve my metabolism!

Feel fuller longer!

Maintain energy levels between meals!

Transform my regular diet with StayLo!

Clinical Study Results

StayLo reduced peak blood sugar (a source of calories) by 40% and prevented sugar crashes (a source of fatigue).*

Clinical Study Graph

43 healthy men and women participated. Ages 18-56.

Win the battle against sugar and carbs the easy way.

You can see the power of StayLo. We measured StayLo’s sugar and carb blocking for various foods by monitoring after-meal blood sugar levels in healthy individuals. No additional sugar or other sweeteners were added to the foods tested. When StayLo was included with the meal, one capsule was taken about 10 minutes before ingestion of the food being tested.

Some of the results we measured exceeded those in the StayLo clinical studies. Results vary between individuals.*


White Wonderbread

StayLo lowers Wonderbread by up to 60%

Quaker Oatmeal


StayLo lowers Ben & Jerry's by up to 55%

Steven Willey, M.D.
Chief Scientific Advisior

Dr. Willey does not provide medical advice to anyone except his patients of course.  His opinion is based on a review of clinical studies and scientific literature.

“This is a revolutionary product. I’ve been looking for something like this for years.

This is the first non-prescription supplement that is proven to produce a profound and immediate reduction in the impact of complex carbohydrates and sucrose in healthy people. Importantly, StayLo has a straightforward mechanism of action by decreasing the activity of the enzymes that digest carbohydrates.

Consistently moderating carbohydrate impact at mealtime supports healthy blood sugar levels, resulting in a cascade of metabolic improvements including balanced insulin sensitivity.

Amazingly StayLo produces these benefits without a change of diet when used as directed.”*

The next-gen carb and sugar blocker with a
100% money back guarantee.


100% Money Back Guarantee

You will be amazed at StayLo’s carb-crushing, sugar-smashing and blood sugar balancing power or you can return it within sixty (60) days for a full refund.

With StayLo as directed, you will….

  • See your numbers get better and stay better if you measure your blood sugar…
  • Have more energy and avoid afternoon sugar crashes…
  • Feel fuller between meals…
  • Experience improved metabolism.

StayLo will work for you as long as you take it. If you are not happy with your StayLo for any reason, you get your money back.*

Just remember, you CANNOT fix years of carb overload instantly.

StayLo absolutely will work with the very first meal, but it takes time to fix years of carb overload. Deeper benefits can come 3 months… 6 months… even more 12 months out.*

Enjoy the change!


Get more carb and sugar blocking for your money.



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