StayLo lowers Wonderbread by up to 60%

When you are determined to turn a fudge brownie into something that resembles a “breakfast item” Kellogg’s Chocolate pop tarts is what you can achieve. There possibly isn’t a shelf item made better to test the blocking power of one single pill of StayLo than this. This isn’t your standard test, if you look to the “Y” line of the graph you will see that the scale is from baseline of 0 to 3x baseline. Most every other test we do is only 2x baseline so the glycemic impact is on a whole other scale here well above 200.

Above you will see the red line which is the “Placebo” or two pastries of Kellogg’s Chocolate pop tarts. After multiple hours of fasting to eliminate other blood sugar variables we had a healthy tester consume the pastries and tracked it using an Abbott Freestyle Libre constant glucose monitor and True Metrix Diabetes Fingerstick Tests.

A few days later we repeated the test with the same individual this time giving them a pill of StayLo 15 minutes in advance before they ate the same food again then tracked and graphed the blue line labeled StayLo.

StayLo reduced the postprandial (after meal) blood glucose response by 41% (adjusted for baseline) and eliminated the massive 3x spike and the subsequent crash. You can literally see StayLo struggling to keep it down by the long and linear quality of the blue line.

In the fight between Kellogg’s Breakfast Sugar/Carbfest & StayLo; StayLo showed that even under extreeme pressure it can with a single pill taken in advance pull down what is essentially a massive 68g of sugar. Seven wins and aand this should have counted as two wins with the amount of sugar that was blocked.