After for what seems way longer than the few years our founders, science team and product team have been working to bring StayLo to market (especially after 2020) the day is here and we are more than excited to bring StayLo to the world.

StayLo is the answer to limiting the daily blood sugar spikes and crashes that can ruin everything from a post meal activity, to a diet plan, a health plan, long term fitness goals, and overall health.

By reducing the blood sugar impact of the majority of carbs and sugars by up to 40% for the two largest meals every day, StayLo is the cutting edge, water extracted, concentrated enzyme blocker that beats your expectations of what a Carb & Sugar Blocker can do.

We look forward to telling you more about StayLo and showing just how powerful our new solution is for anyone that wants to be a better version of themselves without the difficult diets.